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J Rawls Discografia

J. Rawls Productor. Yo creo que ya saben de él, orindo de ohio con una gran trayectoria en la escena del soul, jazz y hiphop con sus buenos e innovadores beats. Ha participado con artistas muy destacados asique espero que disfruten todas estas delicias, ahy deje algo con Dudley Perkins un disco muy bueno es una de mis joyitas. Juzguen ustedes mismo de este hombre

.Rawls and Middle Child - Rawls and Middle (2008)

Track List.
Til The Sun Comes
Lovers On A Stroll
UselessCan I Be Real
By Your Side ( Intro )
By Your Side
Kick In The Door
Put Something
In The AirMy Dreams
ThankfulGet It On ( Get Ghost )
Dont Lock My Drumer
UpIll Be Waiting ( Sophie Redux )
Music Over Madness
My Dreams ( Reprise )
Rawls & MIddle Outro


Dudley Perkins & J.Rawls - The Dank & Jammy Show (2007)

Track List.

Its the dark and jammy show

Call me

Love light

Cant go wrong

Club joint



Last lash out

One millon ways


Thank you

Being human


J.Rawls - The essence of soul (2005)
Track List.
Interview, The - (with J. Rawls)
Smile Again - (with J. Rawls/Tavaris)
Pleasure Before Pain - (with J. Rawls/Eric Robertson)
Woman Enough (The Apology) - (with J. Rawls/Middle Child)
Soul (Again & Again) - (with J. Rawls/Middle Child)
Inhale, Exhale - (with J. Rawls/Venus Malone/Wordsworth)
Questions - (with J. Rawls/Tavaris)
Inside Of Me - (with J. Rawls/Middle Child)
Miss You (Bring It Back) - (with J. Rawls/Jonell)
Ill Connect - (with J. Rawls/Sol Uprising)
What If - (with J. Rawls/Middle Child)
Bailar - (with J. Rawls/Aloe Blacc)
Woman Enough (The Apology) (extended) - (with J. Rawls/Middle Child)


J.Rawls - Histories, Greatest Battles, Campaigns & Topics (2003)
Track List.Hard Rock (Ft. BJ Digby)
The Black Brigade of Cincinnati
The Art of War
Bobby Seale Bound and Gagged
Sixty-Three is the Jubilee
Welcome to North Africa
February 14, 1929
A United FrontAmerica Fulfill Your Promise
The Polar Palms of MoscowFuture (Ft. Tavaris)


J.Rawls - The essence of J.Rawls (2001)

Track List.
What you want is
SuperheroBirds of a feather
ElegyGreat live caper
Blue #2
Cold turkeyfar away
Lone catalysts (re
Check the clock
They can`t see me
blue #2 (saxaphone)


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