miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

Big L - The Big Picture (2000)


1. The Big Picture (Intro)
2. Ebonics
3. Size 'Em Up
4. Deadly Combination (feat Tupac)
5. '98 Freestyle
6. Holdin' It Down (feat Stan Spit)
7. The Heist
8. The Enemy (feat Fat Joe)
9. Fall Back ( Kool G Rap)
10. Flamboyant
11. Casualties Of A Dice Game
12. Platinum Plus (feat Big Daddy Kane)
13. Who You Slidin' Wit' (feat Stan Spit)
14. Games (feat Sadat X and Guru)
15. The Heist Revisited
16. The Triboro (feat OC Fat Joe Remy Martin)


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